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The Working Dog Club of Houston (WDCH) is an all breed club that supports its members in the sport of IGP/Schutzhund.  We share a passion for training working breeds that possess the mental and physical presence required to perform true to their breed heritage. As such, our training focuses on teaching our dogs to be willing partners in tracking, obedience and protection.  

Click on a photo below to learn more about each phase of IGP / Schutzhund.


Tracking refers to a dogs ability to detect, recognize and follow a specific scent.  It is a natural behavior for a dog.  Our goal is to compel or motivate the dog to repeat the behavior by attaching meaning to that scent. 


The obedience phase tests the dog's mental stability and physical soundness, but most importantly we look for a dog who has a willingness to work with their handler.  Heeling, jumping, retrieving, moving downs and sits are some of the key exercises that test each dog's ability.  


In protection, the dog is expected to search a series of blinds to locate and detain a person (the helper) hiding in one of them.  The dog is not permitted to bite until either his handler is attacked or the helper tries to escape.

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