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The journey into Schutzhund can be a daunting adventure for a beginner.  While not required, finding a club and a mentor will be critical to your success in the sport.  The benefits to being a club member are vast and include:

  • Training with a group of dog owners who are actively training their dog at varying levels

  • Access to a club helper and members with all levels of skill and experience

  • Use of a club training field and equipment

  • Working with a partner or team on the field to offer support, tips, proofing, distractions and team work in preparation for trialing

  • Participating in seminars and trials hosted by the club

Joining a club is very rewarding, but you should keep the following in mind if you feel you are ready:

  • Good clubs and resources are in short supply and it is getting harder and harder to find both.

  • Clubs typically have less than 20 members due to the amount of time and dedication it takes to train and trial a dog.

  • Club members are VOLUNTEERS.  Each members serves the club by answering inquiries and phone calls, maintaining the club field and equipment, social media posting, website maintenance, and contributing to hosting seminars and trials.

  • Be prepared to get involved.  This means showing up to club with a positive attitude and pitching in to set up all of the training equipment.

  • Ask questions and be willing to listen to constructive criticism.

  • Respect the other club members and their dogs.

  • Visiting a club does not guarantee membership.  Most clubs require a certain number of visits to get to know prospective members and the process is not a quick one.

  • Club members spend an extraordinary amount of time together, and each member will need to get to know you and your dog.  A vote will then be taken from all active members. 

Finding the right club for you will depend on your breed of dog, level of interest in the sport, desired training goals, and most of all the amount of time that you have to dedicate to training.  For many this is a lifestyle that requires consistency, dedication and LOTS of time training in all types of weather.  

DVG - Find A Club

USCA - Clubs & Events

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