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Obedience is far more than teaching your dog how to sit, down, stand, come when called and heel. Each training session is an opportunity to motivate, build drive and focus, test biddability and temperament, and to determine the possessed mental and physical presence to perform work according to your dog's breed heritage.

Every puppy is full of promise and the bond they form with us, their handler, helps to identify their desire to work, courage, instinct, intelligence, perseverance, endurance and character.  All of this gathered information is imperative to those hoping to breed to produce the next generation of working dogs.

The obedience phase is performed on a large field and the dog is judged on their attitude, accuracy and ability to perform the exercises in the routine.  The exercises that make up the routines will vary depending upon the level at which your dog is ready to compete.  They are:

  • Heeling, with reaction to gunfire

  • Heeling, through a group of people

  • Sit Out of Motion

  • Down Out of  Motion

  • Stand Out of Motion

  • Recalls

  • Retrieving, on the flat, over a jump, and over an A-frame

  • Send Out

  • Long Down

If you are new to the sport of IGP / Schutzhund or dog training in general, the best advice is to locate a club or professional trainer in your area and work with them to develop a training program tailored to you and your dog.  Your trainer will help you develop your relationship with your dog, discuss your expectations and set goals, build a foundation on which to grow, and ensure you proof as you progress.  Their role is to encourage your growth as a team and to assist in maintaining quality in your program.

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